CAE Women in Flight Ambassador Program

The Canadian Aviation Electronics (CAE) mission & vision

“Our vision is to be the worldwide partner of choice in civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare by revolutionizing our customers’ training and critical operations with digitally immersive solutions to elevate the safety, efficiency, and readiness.”

“Our mission is to lead at the frontier of digital immersion with high-tech training and operational support solutions to make the world safer.”

The Canadian Aviation Electronics (CAE) is a high-technology company that brings the digital and physical worlds closer to creating a safer world.

CAE is at the leading edge of digital concentration, providing solutions to make the world safer. Backed by a record of more than 75 years of industry firsts, CAE reimagines the customer experience and revolutionizes training and operational support solutions in civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare.

From 2000, CAE started to focus on global training and build its global training network. This move would ultimately give CAE the unparalleled ability to offer customers the most comprehensive package of products and services available from anyone in the simulation and training industry. In the next decade, CAE continued to grow its training network to secure its position as the worldwide leader in civil aviation, defense & security, and healthcare training. CAE also deployed its new vision to be recognized global training partner of choice, a new milestone for the company, which is fully embracing its training services company status.

CAE Women in Flight

Join the movement. Move to the front of the plane, the very front.

The CAE Women in Flight Ambassador Program is creating a movement that encourages young girls and women to dream big and to have no limits. The program shapes the future of the next generation by launching an exciting initiative to encourage more female pilots to pursue a career in aviation and soar through the sky.


CAE collaborates with renowned airlines worldwide to offer recipients a scholarship to one of CAE’s recognized training schools. By becoming a Women In Flight recipient, the recipient becomes an ambassador for the program and the aviation industry as a whole.

CAE’s Women in Flight program was launched in 2018 and has successfully provided scholarships to women worldwide. The program is committed to a speedy expansion of women in aviation by transforming, inspiring, and paving the way for the future generation.

Lauren Beam, the latest Women In Flight winner (and pilot superstar), testimony:

“I am gifted with the opportunity to help women achieve their piloting dreams.  We are a generation of women who are intelligent and resourceful, work well with adversity, strive to reach our goals, have a strong work ethic, value respect and kindness, and understand the need for a healthy balance in life.

It is my goal to encourage women such as these to realize their aspirations of becoming a pilot.”


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